February 25, 2019

South Florida Addiction Rehab Center Helps Identify At Risk Loved Ones and Boundaries in Recovery

Florida addiction treatment center Life of Purpose continues on their path of informing the public of the risks of addiction and the challenges of recovery in recent additions to the company blog.

BOCA RATON, FL / February 25, 2019 / ---  Life of Purpose, innovative and compassionate providers of addiction recovery services in Pennsylvania and Florida continually work on the goal of informing communities about the risks of substance use and the long, unrelenting path to lifelong recovery. The two recent additions to their blog focus specifically on helping people identify when someone they care about is at risk and how healthy boundaries are important for recovery.

“We know that addiction to drugs and alcohol is a tremendous and urgent problem for our communities,” stated Beth Ann Rue, Clinical Director at Life of Purpose. “As providers of recovery services, our work is primarily centered on the immediate recovery process. However, the complete solution to our nation’s substance use problem needs to also include an increase of awareness in triggers and risk factors for addiction and how we can better support those with addiction problems once they have successfully completed treatment.”

As substance use has climbed in recent years, including the devastating state of our current opioid crisis, more research has been devoted to understanding what contributes to addictive behaviors. Life of Purpose’s blog titled "What Are Key Risk Factors For Substance Use," breaks down the risk factors of substance misuse that we all need to be aware of. Additionally, their other recent blog addition titled "Why Boundaries During Rehab And Addiction Recovery Are So Important," helps us better understand the complex process of recovery by illustrating the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries for the person with an addiction problem.

“Many people who reach out to us to receive help for a loved one are completely caught off guard. They never saw it coming. The fault isn’t on them, but rather on the fact that information about risk factors needs to be more accessible, especially to parents of teenage children who are among the highest risk group,” added Rue. “We also know that as well-meaning as family and friends can be, their behaviors can sometimes impede the recovery process. This is why we’ve chosen to stress the importance of setting healthy relationship boundaries for people with addiction problems both during treatment and after.”

Life of Purpose recovery centers encourages anyone that needs help to contact their addiction recovery program in Boca Raton, Florida. If you’re going through the recovery process, or know someone who is, they also invite you to visit their Life of Purpose blog for support and information on addiction and the journey of recovery.


Life of Purpose offers treatment of drug use disorders for adults and teens at three locations in Pennsylvania and Florida. The location in Boca Raton, Florida is the first academically focused treatment center to be located on a collegiate campus, and in addition to treatment programs for adults with substance use disorder, it also has one of the best collegiate recovery programs in the country. To learn more about our services, call 1-561-614-8232 or 1-888-PURPOSE.

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