January 31, 2019

Life of Purpose Focuses on Addiction Recovery for Teens and Young Adults With Recent Blog Additions

Life of Purpose Addiction Treatment Center offers new insights into coping with teen addiction recovery as a family and how collegiate life creates substance use risk factors for young adults.

Boca Raton, FL / January 31, 2019 / -- Life of Purpose, providers of addiction recovery services with three locations throughout Pennsylvania and Florida, have announced the addition of two new articles to their blog which focuses on education and support for those who are going through the addiction recovery process. Their two most recent additions to their website blog focus specifically on substance use problems among teens and young adults.

“Research tells us that teens and college students are among the highest risk groups for substance use and misuse. Solving this problem is an immense undertaking, but it begins with families understanding the signs of addiction problems and how to get their teens the help they need when a problem exists,” said Andrew Burki, MSW Director of Public Policy of Life of Purpose. “It happens that a parent might see the signs of drug use in their teen or young adult but find themselves uncertain as to how to reach out to their child, find effective treatment, and help their family through an often painful upheaval during the process.”

The Life of Purpose organization consists of experts who offer compassionate, innovative and effective treatment for teens and young adults. Their treatment center in Boca Raton, Florida is the first in the United States to be located on a college campus and offers treatment solutions that are academically focused, allowing the student the time they need for recovery without the added stress of missing classes and falling behind on coursework. With these obstacles removed, students are better able to focus on healing and recovery.

“With our Boca Raton location being located on a college campus, we see first hand the challenges that young adults face at college. These experiences are completely new to most students, and many of them are unprepared for the stress, workload and peer pressure that comes with college life,” added Burki. “It’s important that we do what we can to increase awareness of substance use among teens and young adults and provide our youth, their parents and their families with the tools they need to support long-term recovery.”

Life of Purpose’s two new blogs, “Coping With Teen Substance Use Recovery As a Family,” and “A Parent’s Role: Helping Your Child Through Drug Treatment At College,” were written to educate and offer families the support and encouragement they need to help their teen or young adult navigate one of the most difficult challenges of their lives. To learn more about addiction recovery services for teens and young adults or to read their blog, visit the Life of Purpose website for more information.


Life of Purpose offers treatment of drug use disorders for adults and teens at three locations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Their location in Boca Raton, Florida is the first academically focused treatment center to be located on a collegiate campus. To learn more about their services, call 1-888-PURPOSE or 844-884-3929.

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