January 17, 2019

Life Of Purpose Drug Treatment Centers Address Major Challenges in Overcoming Addiction

Life of Purpose releases two new blog posts to their website that address the significant challenges in overcoming drug misuse disorders

Philadelphia, PA / January 17, 2019  -- Life of Purpose, a provider of innovated addiction recovery services for adults and teens, has recently released two new articles to the blog on the Life of Purpose Website. The intent of these articles is to inform the community about some of the most significant challenges to seeking care and maintaining sobriety for the long term.

“We work with people who are genuinely committed to overcoming their addiction every day. We’ve witnessed the journey from despair to hope, and we know firsthand the obstacles and challenges that those with substance misuse disorders face in getting treatment and staying clean, stated Beth Ann Rue, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Director at Life of Purpose. “A big part of our responsibility to the community is being a source of information, which in this case is providing insights into some of the barriers to addiction recovery and how to recognize when someone is at risk of a reoccurrence of substance use or setback during recovery.”

Life of Purpose’s two new blog articles are titled "Why Addiction Treatment Is Out of Reach For So Many People,” and “How to Help Someone You Care About Through Addiction Relapse.” For those who are not living with an addiction or drug misuse disorder, it can be difficult to understand the challenges and obstacles to seeking effective treatment. Barriers to treatment can come from both external and internal sources and recognizing them is important for helping individuals living with an addiction get the treatment they need. “Why Addiction Treatment Is Out of Reach For So Many People,” addresses these barriers and helps to provide a new perspective on the challenges of seeking treatment.

The second article, “How to Help Someone You Care About Through Addiction Relapse,” addresses the all too common issue of a reoccurrence of drug use or experiencing a setback during recovery, and how people who are closest to someone struggling with maintaining long-term sobriety can help the person they care about get back on the path to recovery.

“While many individuals in recovery feel alone, we stress the reasons why a support system is so important,” Rue added. “Support can come from family and friends that want to see the person they care about overcome addiction, or it can come from the family of counselors, mentors and peers that are met during recovery. Providing this support system with the tools they need to help the loved one in recovery through every part of the process is essential. Providing these tools is the intent behind our most recent blog posts.”

Life of Purpose is committed to helping people through every step of the recovery process. If you’re having trouble finding the treatment you need or you know someone who is struggling through a setback during recovery, they encourage you to contact them and to read their blog on the Life of Purpose website.


Life of Purpose offers treatment of drug use disorders for adults and teens at three locations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Their location in Boca Raton, Florida is the first academically focused treatment center to be located on a collegiate campus. To learn more about their services, contact them at 1-888-PURPOSE or 844-884-3929.

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