February 12, 2019

Is There Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders in Adults and Teens - New Look in 2019!

Life of Purpose is treating drug and alcohol addiction in a way you might NOT think. Learn more.

With over 15,000 addiction centers in the U.S. competing to offer hope for a drug-free life, this addiction center founded by Andrew Burki offers a panacea to the treatment of addiction with a purpose in the name of Life Of Purpose.

Why the Life of Purpose Model is Unique

We help the client build self-efficacy and motivation by changing their mindset.

    The program is based on a purpose-driven mindset. It is important for anyone to have a purpose-driven life, not just individuals at the mercy of substance abuse and its stigma. LOP helps individuals undergoing treatment and their families incorporate a vision of both short and long-term recovery solutions to stay free from drug or alcohol issues. LOP helps the patients build and accomplish these goals to create added value to their life, their family's life, and their professional life. This results in people developing not only self-efficacy but also a new found motivation and drive as to who they are. This is why the Life of Purpose treatment model is designed the way it is.

    Unique program for helping teens and adult addiction treatment while in college.

    The typical addiction treatment model does not work for someone who was enrolled in some sort of academic program and was pursuing school or college. The flaw in this model is that the patient can’t maintain school or college and drops out resulting in a major problem for their developing future. Life of Purpose’s model of a Purpose Driven Approach offers disruption to this. The LOP model solves this biggest problem by fostering growth within their academics while receiving their primary care.  When a student comes to their program and is currently enrolled in any type of school, college, high school, baccalaureate degree, graduate school or even doctorate level, the individual can continue to maintain their academics while they receive primary care for their substance use disorders, making them no longer have to miss the positives of education. They are able to do both simultaneously. After all our founding fathers had planned it for us.

    “All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” - George Washington

    Winston Churchill once said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing once they have tried everything else.”

    So, given that we have tried everything else for solving the drug crisis, what’s the right thing to do?

    “First, we need an attitude adjustment.  We have to start looking at substance use disorder as a treatable health condition.  This will involve increasing access to comprehensive continuums of actual care.” - Andrew Burki - Founder of Life of Purpose 

    Life of Purpose Accreditation by LegitScript

    Because all addiction centers were not regulated with their online presence, Google stopped allowing these centers to run advertising until a framework was established to approve only credible and legitimate centers.  Google and Facebook Partnered with LegitScript, the leader in merchant and advertiser certification to police and help improve the integrity of the online space for addiction treatment providers. The vetting process of any company is highly regulated and only a few respectable centers have been given the seal of approval.

    While Life of Purpose was a new entrant in this space, we are delighted to be accredited by LegitScript as In-Person Addiction Treatment.

    To learn more please visit our website https://www.lifeofpurposetreatment.com/

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    ***Clinical Statement**

    The terminology used in our articles does not always reflect the current clinical terminology. As the language changes within the community, LOP encourages the shift in terminology to help end the social stigma surrounding the addiction community. Our articles are written for online public consumption and are meant to be easily accessible to people searching for help. To be successful in our efforts to help as many people possible, we may use phrases or terms that are not reflective of our clinical perspective but are used by the general public.

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