November 30, 2018

For Young Adults This Unique Recovery Program Uses Academic Achievement to Stay Clean

We are not treating people so we can send them to college. We are sending them to college in order to treat them.

When the Founder of Life of Purpose - Andrew Burki failed treatment at a typical addiction treatment model facility he decided to invent his own program.

“A doctor or a lawyer in recovery has a lot more to lose than someone with no formal education,” according to Andrew Burki, MSW, founder of Life of Purpose Treatment in Boca Raton, Florida. This unique program uses academic achievement for young adults in recovery to discover a life of purpose.

What's Unique About This Program?

Life of Purpose Boca Raton young adult addiction recovery system is located on Florida Atlantic University research park. Utilizing the greater resources available to college students and the incentive of a better future, this program is the nation's first primary care treatment center on a college campus. The program offers a second chance to young adults 17 and older whose education has been derailed by substance use.

"We are not treating people so we can send them to college. We are sending them to college in order to treat them," Burki said at a COBE town hall.

The program gives students a framework to succeed in life as well as in recovery. This non-traditional approach combines academic opportunity with evidenced-based treatment programs for a higher rate of success in maintaining long-term recovery.

Some of the other elements that make LOP unique are:

  1. Education and Life skills are incorporated into the treatment plan
  2. Housing with 24-hour supervision
  3. Affordable cost in a safe environment
  4. Case management to address the pressures of being a student

About the Founder, Andrew Burki

Andrew Burki has been in recovery for 15 years, following a long journey of addiction, failed treatment, and disruption of his academic career. This is what motivated him to found Life of Purpose to help others.

Burki's parents graduated at Harvard and MIT, so he felt great shame and distress when he had to put his academic goals on hold. Eventually, with his parents' encouragement, Burki went back to college as a psychology major, and he later received a Master's in Social Work at Florida Atlantic University.

Since then, Burki has dedicated his life to turning traditional treatment methods upside down. The Life of Purpose model follows Burki's belief that those in recovery need a higher purpose to keep them clean and sober. Higher education, he believes, fundamentally changes how participants self-identify in early recovery. This gives them a better chance for the kind of long-term success Burki has achieved.

About Life of Purpose

City Line Behavioral Healthcare LLC will act as the holding company to own its current and future behavioral healthcare assets. Andrew J. Rothermel will act as the President and CEO of both City Line Behavioral Healthcare and Life of Purpose.

“Our acquisition of Life of Purpose further enhances our ability to provide evidence-based, clinically sound, affordable addiction treatment to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida,” said Rothermel. “Our program focuses on strengthening life skills necessary to succeed during and after treatment.”


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