March 25, 2019

Drug Rehab in College Can Lead to Difficult Conversations

Life of Purpose Treatment center offers guidance and support to individuals living with drug use disorders and how to have difficult conversations with loved ones seeking drug rehab in college

Boca Raton, FL / March 25,  2019 / --  Life of Purpose, an addiction recovery treatment provider, has released two new articles on their addiction and recovery blog. The Life of Purpose blog, which can be found on their website, is intended to provide people in need of addiction recovery services, including young adults and their families, with additional insights on drug use disorders and the many complexities of recovery.

“At Life of Purpose, we’re committed to providing world-class treatment to individuals who are suffering with drug abuse disorders. As the first primary care addiction treatment center to be located on a college campus in the United States, we have a strong focus on helping young adults overcome the challenges of substance use and addiction and to provide them with the tools to maintain power over their addiction for their entire life” said Andrew Burki, Director of Public Policy at Life of Purpose. “The recent additions to our blog are intended to guide those seeking treatment and their families through some of the more difficult aspects of entering long term treatment.”

The two articles published on the Life of Purpose blog are titled "5 Ways Family Members Enable Their Loved One's Addiction," and "How to Tell Your Employer or Professor About Your Drug Use Disorder." The intent of these most recent additions is to help the individuals seeking treatment, along with the family and loved ones closest to them. The articles are meant to help individuals and families find the right words and courage to begin the difficult conversations and realize the enabling behaviors of loved ones that often coincide with addiction. It’s recognizing the need for addiction recovery and then acknowledging this recognition to others, that is a foundational step to successfully beginning treatment.

For Life of Purpose, having these conversations and knowing your personal support team is essential. As a rehab treatment provider that works with many young adults in college, they recognize the value of family and friends that are available to love and support those seeking treatment and work to foster these types of healthy relationships for their patients. Likewise, they also acknowledge that seeking drug rehab treatment while employed or at school can produce uncertainties about the future. Life of Purpose aims to address the questions and concerns that might get in the way of someone seeking the treatment they need.

“We wholeheartedly believe that someone shouldn’t have to make the choice between keeping their job and getting the help they need or worry about not being able to continue their education. Gainful employment and educational opportunities are two things that encourage healthy choices,” said Burki. “If we can keep young adults on their educational paths and help someone keep the job they depend on, then the patient is able to focus on their recovery rather than worry about the what-ifs.”

To read the newest addition to the Life of Purpose blog or learn more about their services and locations, visit them at their website.


Life of Purpose offers treatment of drug use disorders for adults and teens at three locations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Their addiction treatment facility in South Florida is the first academically focused addiction treatment center on a college campus. To learn more about their services, contact them at 1-888-PURPOSE or 844-884-3929.

Life of Purpose is an addiction treatment center located in: Boca Raton FL, Bala Cynwyd PA, Fort Washington and Philadelphia PA.

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