February 28, 2019

Addiction Treatment Specialist Discusses Overcoming Obstacles in Addiction Recovery

Life of Purpose rehab centers holds true to their commitment to helping people through the addiction recovery process with two new blogs focused on coping strategies for life after treatment.

Fort Washington, PA / February 28, 2019 / -- Life of Purpose addiction recovery centers, focused on helping adults and teens through the process of recovery and healing, has recently published two new articles to their blog. Their newest releases focus in on tips for maintaining long term sobriety through some of life’s unexpected challenges.

“The addiction recovery process is different for each person going through it. They each come to this point on their own path and must learn to adjust to an addiction-free life in their own way,” said  Bethany Kassar MSW, LCSW Executive Director of Pennsylvania at Life of Purpose. “We also know that while some challenges in recovery are expected, others are not. Vacations and school breaks are both situations that the person recovering from an addiction problem might look forward to, but then realize that the change in routine is disruptive to their recovery process.”

Life of Purpose’s two new articles titled "Good News for Vacationing During the Addiction Recovery Journey," and "How Mindfulness Can Help Help You Avoid A Relapse In Addiction Recovery," are shared with the intention to provide coping strategies for those in the recovery process. Not only do they help those in the recovery process prepare for the challenges of a break in routine, but they also bring awareness to the benefits of mindfulness practice for sustaining long term recovery.

“We work with many teens and young adults who find themselves concerned about how to maintain their sobriety when around family or friends that haven’t been part of their recovery process,” added Kassar. “These challenges are unique, especially for young people who are expected to be carefree. Vacations can be equally challenging for older adults, and our hope is that by bringing awareness to these situations and providing people with the tools they need, including tips for practicing mindfulness, that we can help minimize the risk of relapse for those in recovery.”

Life of Purpose has the unique distinction of creating an academically based treatment program, including a collegiate recovery program, which provides them with insight into the recovery process for teens and young adults that other treatment centers lack. It’s through this lens that they’re able to share tips for helping people maintain their recovery through challenges that are often unexpected.

If you, or someone you care about, is living with an addiction problem, the professionals at Life of Purpose encourage you to contact them. They also offer valuable advice for every stage of the recovery journey on their blog, which features articles for both those working through the recovery process and the people who support them.


Life of Purpose offers treatment of drug use disorders for adults and teens at three locations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Their treatment location in South Florida, near Boca Raton, is the first academically focused treatment center to be located on a collegiate campus. To learn more about our services, call 1-888-PURPOSE or 844-884-3929.

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